*Cinema REX - B92 Cultural centre - was located in Jevrejska 16 street in Belgrade.
During it's 4 years existence Cinema REX had grown into the most dynamic cultural centre in Yugoslavia.

In 1998 we had more than 300 different programs in our space and organized 20 programs in bigger towns in Serbia. The premise of Cinema REX was that Belgrade needs many arenas for the unleashing of artistic potential, and thus it has provided resources for making new work and presenting existing work in Yugoslav theatre, fine arts, music, film, video and new media; similarly the centre has presented promotions and discussions.

Cinema REX has been actively involved in contemporary social and political developments and has provided a forum for issues which official institutions shy away from or cannot afford has been actively engaged in local, regional and international networking.

On April 2, 1999, a new management, illegally seized control of B92 (the radio station and its subsidiary video production, publishing and Internet divisions). As a B92 family member (B92 cultural centre), Cinema REX subsequently left its original premises and has since refrained from using the name in its public activities.

Since losing our own space we have mounted programs and projects in various venues in Belgrade and are very active in cyber space (http://www.cyberrex.org).

We come back to space in Jevrejska street in October 2000 after a brake down of regime of Slobodan Milosevic and returning of B92 to it's real founders

REX is oriented towards production of Yugoslav art works, European cooperation, new media and education, with accent on young authors and audience.