Our main aim within this project is to provide means for direct communication of project participants, to provide continuacy of that process, to anable (primaraly young) people to meet and develope ideas and projects together. This is, on our opinion, equaly if not even more important than work on realizing concrete projects.

CROSSECTION meaning look into diferent scenes (look trough - overview), CROSSECTION as finding common grounds and realizing diferences. We will continue making new and straightening existing ties in Serbia and trouout ex-Yugoslavia using positive aspects of on-line communication and networking.

1. CONNECTION with other cities in Serbia = CROSSECTION SERBIA
Since 2 years ago similar initiatives like Rex, although on a smaller scale, are being taken by different groups of young 'scene' in different cities throughout Serbia. We have established contacts with initiatives in Subotica, Novi Sad, Pancevo, Nis, Kraljevo, Pristina and some smaller towns. The idea is not only to present the work of one to others but also to develop joint projects of a mutual interest. Examples:

  • Caution! = black & white photography workshops (held by Olivera Batajic) whose topic will be life in Serbia and that will connect workshop participants from different cities, ending up with joint exhibition of works made in year 2000. Workshops will be organized in 7 cities (Belgrade as well) with groups of 10 participants. Groups will be mixed - both experienced photographers and beginners. REX provides working material and participants photo cameras. Only chosen shots will be developed and final selection will be made for the exhibition. Photos should be accompanied by short writing impressions (about life).

  • 2000 Serbia = Nebojsa Milikic's project that aims to find out which are the ways to communicate with a Man, 'small' and 'big' one, who is on the edge of endurance and on the margin of any interest. These will bee rehearsals of comprehending (of awareness)... trough 'playing', starting from the thesis of high level of closeness and self-isolation of social groups in Serbia today. This will be organized trough multimedia manifestation / event - mixture of the works in different media chosen by participants themselves. Open for participation of anyone interested in the topic.

  • Kaleidoscope is a part of "Kaleidoscope" Photographic Workshop established in 1998, which promote a new model of photographers' training and present an up-to-date photographic approach and sensibility. The Kaleidoscope 2 group includes 10 trainees - 5 form Belgrade & 1 from Kragujevac, Valjevo, Nis, Novi Sad and Cetinje. Aleksandar Kelic, Vesna Pavlovic and Andreja Leko will be working with them for six months, individually. The group will encompass the trainees who have already opted for photography and photographic image as a vocation. Each trainee selects a topic he will be working on for the full six-month period. A prior analysis of a selected topic, including a genre's development throughout the history of photography, enables a trainee to work out his own affiliation and individual approach. Individual training is combined with weekly group meetings, so as to secure the continuity to a group work. A variety of accompanying activities - such as meetings with outstanding photographers and painters, visits to exhibitions, analyses of monographs on photography and expert literature are planned. Activities of the group will be presented trough group and solo exhibitions in Belgrade galleries. The Kaleidoscope's web site is under construction.

"One of the worst consequences of civil war in former Yugoslavia was the loss of any contact among people who once used to communicate and cooperage, especially people from the field of culture and art. In spite of war-mongering propaganda, blocked media and lack of any postal or traffic communication, all contacts were not lost completely. Contacts were preserved in many ways, although certain ways were sometimes dangerous. People who are into alternative culture kept most intensive contacts among each other. We wont to build bridges between ex-Yugoslav republics again, to make already existing ones stronger and to look for new ways and models for development of cultural exchange and co-operation among artists, which is aimed at cultural connectivity and development of tolerance." Starting from this platform, with support of KulturKontakt - Austria, Fund for an Open Society and Hotel Kasina - Belgrade we started with realization of the project titled CROSSECTION in 1998. Main aim of the project was to build the infrastructure that will make contacts and co-operation between ex-YU scenes constant, publicly recognized and more efficient. Unfortunately, political developments in Yugoslavia stopped this process but we are now in the position to continue it way we wonted from the beginning - work on better knowing each other (connecting young people active in arts and culture, presenting their work, situation on the scene they belong), exchanging programs and developing cooperative projects.

Partners: ATTACK initiative - Zagreb, LAMPARNA cultural center - Labin (Croatia), new media initiative LJUDMILA and multicultural center METELKOVA in Ljubljana, cultural center PEKARNA - Maribor, DIA ORGANIZACIA - Banjaluka, PAVAROTI CENTER - Mostar, ALTERNATIVE SCENE ZORAN RADMILOVIC - Trebinje, VIDEO FACTORY in Vukovar, initiatives in Sarajevo... Examples:

  • presenting of Slovenian contemporary art and civic scene trough presenting METELKOVA and initiatives it supports
  • developing and realizing project based on the idea of Vedran Gulic (Zagreb) and Ile Cvetkovski (Skopje): line of video and web documentary works made trough meetings of young authors form Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Yugoslavia, B&H. Videos shot during the group gatherings in Belgrade, Skopje, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Sarajevo will be part of a web 'story / presentation' of emerging art practitioners from ex-YU. This will be the opportunity to learn about each other, living and working conditions, background and same time go trough creative process while working on a joint project