RC BELGRADE (english)

RC BELGRADE (english)

What is Resource Center Belgrade?

RC Belgrade is Rex's youth program, developed by initiative and with support of the European Cultural Foundation.

The goal of RC BG is to include young people in the process of conceiving and creating works of art, and to direct their creativity towards better understanding, shaping and improving their position in society.

Meeting of Yeasters
mentors and associates of the youth on-line magazine at Cyber Rex.

RC BG will work on the following:

- creating conditions that would stimulate young people to work together with professional artists;
- exploring different approaches to art production, based on social engagement;
- directing activities of participants of the program towards overcoming social and cultural disorientation;
- opposing political confusion by developing creative enthusiasm

Rex has acquired human and material resources over ten years of working, which qualified it, together with another ten cultural centers in countries of eastern Europe, as a resource center for developing art projects that enable young people to participate in the process of creation as equals. The network of Resource Centers is supported by the European Cultural Foundation (ECF).

This year, the Resource Center Belgrade is realizing several programs which have been selected at a public competition (projects 2004).

Meeting of the Yeast team of mentors
(left to right): Vladimir Nikolić, Nebojša Milikić, Branko Vučićević, Katarina Živanović, Dragan Protić, Petar Ilić Ćirilo, Maja M. Marinković and the invisible mentor Velimir Ćurgus Kazimir.

Dragan Protić - Prota
a member of Škart, the initiator of the YEAST project and a mechanic of modern society, in his repair shop.

Spiderman departures
from Rex's entrance hall (June 2004, beginning of the workshop for the photo comic-book Spiderman from Dor

Nikoleta Marković
visual artist, author of the project Spiderman from Dor
ćol (Dorćol is a very old quarter of Belgrade)

Throughout the year, we have established and maintained contact with institutions which work with young people and with similar initiatives (contacts).

Text of the 2004 competition (in Serbian only)