RING RING: International New Music Festival International

New Music festival RING RING has received exceptional media coverage and drew numerous audience over past 4 year we where organizing it.

Musicians from Yugoslavia where sharing scene with worldwide known musicians of new music. RING RING participants where from Germany, Italy, USA, Russia, Senegal, (Yugoslavia,) Japan, Check Republic, France, Great Britain, Australia, Netherlands, Rumania, Austria, Sweden, Japan... World music, chamber music, alternative rock, improvisation, jazz, noise, new instruments, new meetings where performed on RING RING.

During it's existence RING RING - guided by Bojan Djordjevic - become one of the most prestigious European new music festival. With world, European and Balkan premieres every year the Festival is beneficial both for participants and audience. With it's international scope it gives the opportunity form musicians from all over the world to meet, play together, experiment.

The organization of RING RING is planned for May next year too.