Life in Belgrade as depicted in the stories of its inhabitants - street vendours, fishermen, dealers, restaurant owners, students, craftsmen, football enthusiasts, artists, blood donors, red tape officials behind the counter, infatuated couples, pupils... reporters take fresh recordings at the markets, bus stops, sport games, graveyards, flee markets, the neighbourhoods, electrical-distribution companies, buses/troleys/trams, shops, schools, parks, volunteer fire brigades, refuse collection servises, foreigners cafees, pubs, taxis, night clubs, night public transport, bakeries, beoimports, maternity wards, subways...

To stab, to salt and to rub well


August 19, 1999

The Catcher of Noxious Animals

September 03, 1999

place: Belgrade
date: September 29, 1999






reporter: Maja Atanasijevic
editing: Petar Savic
design: Zoran Miladinov
translation: Vanja Savic
webmaster: Sinisa Rogic
author: Katarina Zivanovic


June 12, 1999


July 14, 1999

Master of Time
May 19, 1999

May 26, 1999

March 25 , 1999

March 16, 1999

Kalemegdan Orchestra
March 9, 1999


March 6, 1999

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