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modernization everywhere !

The FLUX project presents and popularizes contemporary art by means of showing works by local and foreign artists in the circumstances specific to suburban areas. Such a way of presenting (or distributing) artistic works seeks to create an interaction between contemporary artistic practice and the audience living in localities where cultural programmes are virtually non-existent. The aim of these campaigns is to mitigate the bad effects of the centralization of cultural events on offer, as well as to break down cultural and communication barriers isolating the inhabitants of suburbs from the people living in the city centre.
We believe that making the achievements of contemporary art easily accessible to the widest possible population, which often has no opportunities to be informed about the events and topics present on the artistic scene, is a goal of particular social significance. On the other hand, artistic works will be shown, in a completely different context to the audience which would otherwise hardly ever have a chance to see these works.
FLUX02 takes place during the summer and autumn and consists of three-day campaigns organized in Ripanj, Borca, Batajnica, Sremcica and probably Kaludjerica. Around two hundred thousand people live in these suburban communities and the campaign is carried out with the help of local co-organizers and the support of numerous other collaborators. This is a way of developing a network of activists ready to organize new cultural programmes.
During each campaign, video works are shown at several points in the housing projects including three TV sets placed in shop windows or kiosks in busy streets (non-stop screenings) and at evening showings of works, in different locations, using a video beam projector. Works by the following authors were chosen to be shown as part of FLUX02: Breda Beban, Miodrag Krkobabic, Zoran Naskovski, Vladimir Nikolic, Vera Vecanski and Margareta Stanojlovic. (Please find a short description of featured works and CVs of the authors in the postscript).
On the eve of each campaign, hundreds of posters are plastered and two thousand flyers are given away. Some of the artists, whose works are featured on the posters, dealt with suburban topics (Ana Adamovic, Smiljana Pesic and Slavoljub Zivanovic Zli), which marks the beginning of our long-term plan to focus on this important city planning and social issue. One of the aims of this project is to provide information about the events on the artistic scene - on the posters by Sasa Stojanovic and the SKART ("Rejects") art group their previously shown works can be seen. Three artists designed posters/flyers exclusively for FLUX02 using the material already presented as part of their earlier works (Uros Djuric, Zolt Kovac and Tanja Ostojic).
The number of works shown, their visibility and the frequency of presentational procedures used in the project have the form of an informational flux. In the course of each evening showing of video works, there is a spontaneous discussion on the goals of the project or the works shown. Through these activities we are trying to promote new communication methods, which we believe to be necessary in a society striving for modernization.

For each campaign organized as part of the FLUX project a flyer/catalogue is printed whose one side is edited by local co-organizers. Flyers contain invitations for those interested in the project to take part in organizing creative workshops where participants would focus on local issues using different visual art media, (see the text printed on the flyer distributed in Batajnica).

Co-organizers of FLUX02 campaigns are: Bratislav Stojic (Ripanj), Marija Ludosan (Borca), Marko Mijailovic (Batajnica), Milanka Vasic and Sinisa Kadic (Sremcica) and Ljiljana Milovanovic (Kaludjerica).

The author
of the project is Nebojsa Milikic, campaigns editor in Cultural Centre REX.